For over 95 years, MOREHOUSE is successful in providing the right products for various organizations, including commercial labs, government labs, and anyone in the industry requiring accurate force or torque measurements. Our key to success is offering products with the lowest measurement uncertainties available. Ultimately, this helps our customer base make more accurate measurements, which save costs, reduce risk, and increase quality. The products we design are in line with customer requirements, lean principles, and six sigma principles, and are within best measurement practices guidelines.
Since 1925, when it became obvious force measuring systems of engineering materials strength testing machines and metal hardness testers should be periodically calibrated, Morehouse Instrument Company developed and perfected instruments and machines for that purpose, eventually including the Proving Ring. In later years, with the advent of rocket and jet engines, and the need for precise measurement of thrust generated by these engines, Morehouse further designed and developed instruments and machines for the calibration of those thrust measuring systems. Today, Morehouse is the world leader in precise and unquestionable force measurements and force calibration, with all calibrations traceable directly to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and certified accordingly.
Morehouse Instrument Co. can be of service to you whether you want to establish your complete in house force standards laboratory, or require periodic calibration of your load cells or other force measuring instruments from 0.1 lbf to 2,250,000 lbf. Offering dead weight calibration up to 120,000 lbf.

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